Author: CornishCrusade

  • Human Space: The Xiandao Subsector

    Human Space: The Xiandao Subsector

    Presented below is a map of the wider Xiandao subsector, so players in Splendor of Fire’s own campaign might have a fuller grasp of the world’s strategic location, and it’s impact within the wider reach of Human-controlled space. As the Xiandao campaign, by the penmanship of Splendor of Fire’s columnists, rapidly expands into a full…

  • Across the Pond: PAW ’24

    Across the Pond: PAW ’24

    I’ve just remembered! The wargames show in Plymouth is on very soon! We should go – I know you’d like to! The Lady Lollard, my beautiful wife and Dune-esque mentat So it was then, that one overcast morning, on the Third of February, your humble correspondent and his wife travelled by public transportation into the…