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  • Frostgrave: Mortal Enemies

    Frostgrave: Mortal Enemies

    I just finished reading the newest Frostgrave supplement. This is a game that I was not aware of for the last few years, but one that I am very interested in getting on the table. I am working on some wizards, and some terrain right now. I am also working on using some EVA foam…

  • When Nightmares Come (Osprey Bluebook series)

    When Nightmares Come (Osprey Bluebook series)

    Last week I picked up a copy of When Nightmares Come by Patrick Todoroff.  It is a game of modern supernatural investigation.   Think Ghostbusters, Stranger Things, Scooby Doo.  The concept seems fun, and the rules seem pretty simple.    There are three character types, a warrior, a wizard, and a tinker/mechanic.  It uses a dice…

  • Trader’s Galaxy Tribes

    Trader’s Galaxy Tribes

    I’m all about supporting miniature companies that also release their wares as 3d files. I love some metal miniatures. I like plastic miniatures. But I love 3d printed minis. They are just cheaper to print, and I can digitally kitbash them as needed. Today I thought I would review the latest releases from Trader’s Galaxy.…

  • Madox Historical Miniatures: A Review

    Madox Historical Miniatures: A Review

    For many years, when I talked of miniature wargaming, I only knew Warhammer and Warhammer 40K. Being a young, punk kid, this was probably from a lack a knowledge and care. Now that I am an older, punk kid, I have found a whole genre of games, and books that I was not prepared for.…

  • Mythic Americas Aztec & Nations Starter Set

    Mythic Americas Aztec & Nations Starter Set

    Nothing says Valentine’s Day like little toy soldiers killing each other on a tiny battlefield. I picked up the Mythic America’s Aztec and Tribal Nations Starter Set for said holiday. As with most reviews I do, there were some good things and some bad things. A couple of things with the Amazon listing. The models…

  • Starset: The Great Dimming Universe Book Review

    Starset: The Great Dimming Universe Book Review

    Starset: The Great Dimming is a new tabletop sci-fi RPG with a 40k-inspired ‘grimdark’ theme but decidedly bright and positive aspirations.

  • Across the Pond: PAW ’24

    Across the Pond: PAW ’24

    I’ve just remembered! The wargames show in Plymouth is on very soon! We should go – I know you’d like to! The Lady Lollard, my beautiful wife and Dune-esque mentat So it was then, that one overcast morning, on the Third of February, your humble correspondent and his wife travelled by public transportation into the…

  • Mythic Earth (formerly Mythic Americas)

    Mythic Earth (formerly Mythic Americas)

    I was watching the Joy of Wargaming YouTube channel as I am wont to do. It is a great channel, and Mr. Wargaming is a really swell guy. For some reason he was in New Jersey, and found Mythicos Studios. Which is a wargaming store and studio. They produce the game Mythic Earth (formerly known…

  • After Christmas Sales

    After Christmas Sales

    Just a quick message today. I was at my local Walmart the other day and found these Christmas decorations. We all know that picking up your trees the day after Christmas is the cheapest way to fill out a table. I’ve been wanting to get into Bolt Action, and these houses looked like a great…

  • More Wilderness Fort

    More Wilderness Fort

    This week I’ve been working on my fort some more. Not much to update. Though I will say, I was right. The walls are a pain to print (see last week’s entry). The longer walls all mostly made it. The short walls were trash. Someone who is a better 3d printer than me, might be…