Madox Historical Miniatures: A Review

For many years, when I talked of miniature wargaming, I only knew Warhammer and Warhammer 40K. Being a young, punk kid, this was probably from a lack a knowledge and care. Now that I am an older, punk kid, I have found a whole genre of games, and books that I was not prepared for. As I age, I find myself enjoying historicals a lot more. So of course, I was super excited to learn there are a ton of games out that feature historical minis.

I found Madox a few months ago. He has two tiers on his patreon. A WW2 tier, and a Horse and Musket tier. You can get an eclectic mix of things, but currently in the historic tier, it appears he is working his way through units for the American War of Independence (AWI) and the Seven Years War (SYW). I won’t go into the details of those two conflicts today. Being from these United States, I’m quite familiar with our fight to free ourselves from tyranny of the British. Too bad we stopped fighting tyranny, but I digress.

Madox’s models are a joy. I am not a stickler for this unit must have 7 rivets on it’s right sleeve, and purple feather if they are from Yorkshire, and a red feather if they are from London (Sorry, I’m sure I’m butchering the English countryside). That being said, I did print and paint his AWI Hessian Dragoons from last month, and according to the wiki entry I found, they look pretty darn accurate to me.

Excuse my poor painting, they are still a work in progress, but I think they look pretty close.

These were lovely models. The supports are well done. They peeled off easily, and I didn’t break a single gun. Which is a thing I do when I get in a hurry, and am trying to clean off my minis.

They come in unipart minus the heads, and in multipart kits. The multi-part kits for these consist of 4 bodies, without heads or arms. As I tell everyone I know, I hate gluing, so I stick to the unipart ones, but I do appreciate the separate heads.

This unit came with a command consisting of a drummer, an ensign, an NCO, and an officer, four dismounted multipart sculpts, 3 mounted with muskets, 2 multipart mounted “skirmish”, and a few other sculpts.

The only “historical” game I play right now is The Silver Bayonet, but I imagine there are enough sculpts here to field a whole unit for you favorite Horse and Musket game. (If I’m using the wrong terminology, please let me know in the comments. You know do all the YouTube things, oh wait wrong media)

His WW2 offerings are always a nice mix too. This month, you get

  • Japanese Bamboo Spearmen
  • Japanese Banzai Charge
  • Japanese Tank Hunters
  • Japanese Zero with pilot
  • Japanese Downed Zero

And last month consisted of

  • Philippine scouts
  • US Army in the Pacific Bazooka Teams
  • USMC MMG Teams
  • USMC War Dog Teams

You can join for $10 USD for one tier (each tier being either Historical, or WW2), or like I do, you can get get both tiers for $14.

And last but not least, you also get some Ancients thrown in.
This month is these (are these? ) Last month was

  • Ancient Rome Fidenas Infantry
  • Ancient Rome Fidenas Cavalry

Anyways, I really like these models, they are well worth the money and time.

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