Frostgrave: Mortal Enemies

I just finished reading the newest Frostgrave supplement. This is a game that I was not aware of for the last few years, but one that I am very interested in getting on the table. I am working on some wizards, and some terrain right now. I am also working on using some EVA foam tiles using my laser engraver for some board building. Like most of us, I have more pans in the fire than I have time to deal with, so who knows when I will actually achieve any of this. I am currently printing everything I need for Silver Bayonet Egypt, look for that coming soon.

On to the review:

Mortal Enemies is focused on two things. Creating recurring villains for your Frostgrave games, and creating bases for your wizards.

I know I’m a fanboy of Joe’s. He writes simple rules, each of his supplements does one or two things, and does it well. They are enjoyable games. Taken together it really adds up to a lot of complexity.

It has a bunch of charts to allow you to roll up a brand new enemy, and a warband to fight against. Over on our Guilded server, we have been looking at some of the old Games Workshop games, talking old school Rogue Trader and Warhammer Fantasy battles 1st and 2nd edition, and some of the ideas contained there in for generating random warbands, terrain and the like.

So, this is a great little supplement for doing that in Frostgrave. In fact, I don’t see why it can’t be used to generate random scenarios for Stargrave also.

The second part is building a base for assaulting. This is less about constructing a base, and more about building a scenario for assaulting bases. There is no reason you could not use the ideas contained within to do some really interesting modeling for storing your wizard and his warband.

That was a lot of rambling, but the short of it is. If you like Frostrgrave, and want something new, pick up this supplement.

If you don’t like Frostgrave, or don’t want anything, don’t.


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  1. I love everything Frostgrave, even if I might never use it. 🙂

    I was hoping this would be a FG version of the Dead or Alive supplement for Stargrave – just a quick way to roll up a solo encounter. The mortal enemies are more like an especially nasty random encounter.

    The base assault rules are pretty neat. And new treasure is always welcome!

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