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  • Frostgrave: Mortal Enemies

    Frostgrave: Mortal Enemies

    I just finished reading the newest Frostgrave supplement. This is a game that I was not aware of for the last few years, but one that I am very interested in getting on the table. I am working on some wizards, and some terrain right now. I am also working on using some EVA foam…

  • Trader’s Galaxy Tribes

    Trader’s Galaxy Tribes

    I’m all about supporting miniature companies that also release their wares as 3d files. I love some metal miniatures. I like plastic miniatures. But I love 3d printed minis. They are just cheaper to print, and I can digitally kitbash them as needed. Today I thought I would review the latest releases from Trader’s Galaxy.…

  • Traveller/Stargrave


    If you know anything about me from reading about my random adventures here on SoF, I really enjoy Stargrave/Silver Bayonet/etc. Actually, I’ve never played Frostgrave, but it’s on my list of things to acquire this year. As you may or may not know Joy of Wargaming on the YouTubes has just started a brand new…

  • Squidmar’s Cheap Wet Palette

    Squidmar’s Cheap Wet Palette

    I enjoy watching Squidmar on YouTube. One thing I enjoy is his approach to being cheap in the hobby. One thing that Squidmar is always talking about is getting into the hobby cheaper. You don’t need everything to enjoy painting and laying with toy soldiers. I’m old, not that old, but old enough that the…

  • The Silver Bayonet: Canada

    The Silver Bayonet: Canada

    I picked up a copy of the Silver Bayonet Canada on Thanksgiving for my Kindle. I thought I would give it a quick review, since I’m going to be printing new toys for the book anyways. So look forward to more 3d Printing reviews over the coming weeks. I’ve been a fan of Ash Barker…

  • The LIC Autonomous Drone Initiative. 3d printable miniatures

    The LIC Autonomous Drone Initiative. 3d printable miniatures

    Today I bring you a new kickstarter. The LIC Autonomous Drone Initiative. 3d printable miniatures As always I try to be transparent, I did receive The Piranha for free, on the caveat that I paint it up for the kickstarter. I printed The Piranha on my Ender-3. These files are not optimized for printing on…

  • World War 2 – 1939/1941 – Epic History Battle

    World War 2 – 1939/1941 – Epic History Battle

    I just saw this Crowdfunding campaign today. World War 2 – 1939/1941 – Epic History Battle These are scaled for 15mm. You could of course scale them up, or down. Depending on your wants and need. You get 5 different armies, English, British, Polish, Germans, and the Russians. I have subscribed to Eskice’s Tribes in…

  • Do wargame magazines still have value in the Internet age?

    I subscribe to Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy and Miniature Wargames. Why do I bother? Find out below.

  • War for Xiandao Online Campaign

    War for Xiandao Online Campaign

    I’m pleased to announce that the In Hoc Signo Society (IHSS) is going to launch its first online miniature wargame campaign. Preliminary discussion on our Guilded server suggested that the members were most interested in a sci-fi campaign, with no particular restrictions as to the rules or miniature scales used. Battles will be fought by…