World War 2 – 1939/1941 – Epic History Battle

I just saw this Crowdfunding campaign today. World War 2 – 1939/1941 – Epic History Battle

These are scaled for 15mm. You could of course scale them up, or down. Depending on your wants and need. You get 5 different armies, English, British, Polish, Germans, and the Russians.

I have subscribed to Eskice’s Tribes in the past. He does some wonderful WW2 minis. They are well supported, and I have never been dissappointed. A lot of the smaller minis you 3d print tend to break at the smaller parts like the gun barrels. I have printed over 30 of his 28mm, and have not broken a single gun due to support removal.

If you are looking into getting into small scale WW2 gaming, I would think this would be a great kickstarter to back.

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