Squidmar’s Cheap Wet Palette

I enjoy watching Squidmar on YouTube. One thing I enjoy is his approach to being cheap in the hobby. One thing that Squidmar is always talking about is getting into the hobby cheaper. You don’t need everything to enjoy painting and laying with toy soldiers. I’m old, not that old, but old enough that the internet didn’t exist until I was in college. I only mention this because I’m big into serendipity right now. I’m in a position in my life, where I can pretty much afford anything I want, and I have an Amazon account, so I can order pretty much anything I want.

But I don’t like that. I enjoy finding things for my hobbies that I can use. One part of Proverbs that always sticks out to me is “The diligent make use of everything they can find” (paraphrased). So I really, really, really like finding things to use in my hobby, rather than just buying them.

In this video, Things i wish i knew – before wasting money in Warhammer!
He was talking about making your own wet palette, rather than buying one.

I found the following items at my local Marshall’s. I’m sure you could find them local to you too.

Swedish Dishclothes: 4.99
Really nice lunch container: 5.99

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