The Silver Bayonet: Canada

I picked up a copy of the Silver Bayonet Canada on Thanksgiving for my Kindle.
I thought I would give it a quick review, since I’m going to be printing new toys for the book anyways. So look forward to more 3d Printing reviews over the coming weeks.

I’ve been a fan of Ash Barker from Guerrilla Miniature Games over on the YouTubes. When I saw he was writing an expansion for The Silver Bayonet I was all in.

On to the review.

The book contains 4 new nations, and is of course based on the New World, instead of the Napoleonic wars in Europe. You get Upper Canada, Lower Canada, These United States, and the Trading Companies (I know, not a country, but I like the idea behind it).

The Trading Companies is the most interesting to me. It allows you to you field a bunch of different units from the start of a campaign. The one I like the best was the ability to take the supernatural units (Damhpyr, Loup Garou, Werebear). So that the trading companies become more of a grab bag of the units you want to play, instead of being based on a more historical types of units based on the national fairy tales.

You get 3 new units ( or 4 if you did not pick up the Castle Fier expansion). Since this is a historical fantasy, I like the Loup Garou (werewolf). I’ve always been a sucker for a good anthropomorphic animal. Give me a unit of Centaurs, Werewolves, Werebears, etc, and I’m a happy camper.

The one think I thought was a nice touch that I haven’t personally seen in any of the other Joe McCullough books was that Ash gave us a list of all the enemies we need to print (or purchase) to play all the scenarios, without having to read through all the scenarios. I hope they will go do this going forward.

It would have been nice if they had given us a list of all the scenery we needed to play. Maybe they decided to leave that out for all the reviewers.

There are 5 new multiplayer scenarios, and a 3 scenario solo campaign. They were all well written, and looked fun to play. I have a few questions on how to end a few of them, but maybe they make more sense to others. Not a game breaker in my opinion.

Reading through the scenarios again, I noticed that several of the scenarios are missing the table sizes. It should probably just be a 3′ x 3′. Seems like an important oversight though.

I think it’s a good book, and if you are a fan of The Silver Bayonet, then I recommend picking up a copy.

Table Sizes
2.5′ x 2.5′
3′ x 3′
Scenery Pieces
River (2.5′ long, 1.5′ wide)
Large Logjams (4)
Boats ( at least 2)
Wilderness fort (16″ diameter)
Central Fort Building (6″ across)
Wilderness Encampment
19th Century outpost terrain
Wilderness buildings (At least 3)
Well traveled road (3′ long?, depends on the board size you play on)
Rocks and Icy Crags
Rought Built Cabin (12″ across)
Various woods, pastures, other North American terrain

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  1. I’ve been eager for this supplement ever since I first heard of it. I picked up Castle Fier a while ago and only recently flipped through it. The listing of models and terrain pieces is very helpful indeed!

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