War for Xiandao Online Campaign

Scout/snipers from the Shadow Serpents legion maneuver through a swamp.

I’m pleased to announce that the In Hoc Signo Society (IHSS) is going to launch its first online miniature wargame campaign. Preliminary discussion on our Guilded server suggested that the members were most interested in a sci-fi campaign, with no particular restrictions as to the rules or miniature scales used. Battles will be fought by our members at their own tables, and the results of those battles will be submitted to inform the overall course of the campaign.

One of the proposals for the campaign setting was one I’ve been building out for several years, a kind of Boxer Rebellion in Space.

For nearly 80 years, the Blessed Concordance insurrection has denied the world of Xiandao the blessings of peace and good order, and its heretical doctrines imperiled the souls of the weak and unwary. A dramatic upswing in their terrorist activities now threatens the survival of the lawful government. Last month, a Blessed Concordance riot in the capital city of Harablest led to the assassination of the planetary Satrap and burned the Cathedral of the Immortal King Divine, destroying relics of the true and apostolic faith.  Accordingly, Xiandao’s Pontifex Mundi, Sigard Adjerani, anathematized the movement and petitioned the Polemarch of the Omuta Sector for aid. The Polemarch has obliged, and grants you the honor of bringing justice to this world.
Emergency Directive 4412

We are still working out the details of reporting, as well as campaign maps. If you wish to join in the planning effort, join us on Guilded.

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