Know Your Enemy: The Yellow Bastard

Filthy cultist militia miniatures move through an industrial complex.

Decades of festering heresy and unpunished betrayal have destroyed the peace of Xiandao. The disloyalty and blasphemies of the (falsely so-called) Blessed Concordance are so widespread the faithful warrior can scarcely discern friend from foe. Thus, the chiefs of the Eighty World Alliance have prepared this report so that the stalwart defenders of Cross and Humanity can be better apprised of the enemy’s most insidious threats.

Dur Gu Gun – which, in the Keomese language of Xiandao, means Phantom of Truth – is a notorious guerilla leader, vigorously hunted by colonial forces. Unmistakably recognizable in his tattered, bright-yellow cloak, he is widely known to the crusaders as “The Yellow Bastard.”

Originally believed to be a member of the Blessed Concordance insurrection, he now leads an even more heretical sect called the Voice of Robardin. Despite his diseased mind and incoherent polemics, he has proven both a successful warleader and annoyingly hard to kill. Some believe he is a psychic and demonically possessed, explaining his recovery from seemingly unrecoverable wounds. Alternatively, he may not a single individual at all, but rather the name is a mantle passed on to successive war leaders, giving the appearance of immortality. To dispel such dangerous superstition, the Eighty World Alliance has placed a high priority on capturing him alive so that he can be publicly executed and his yellow cloak displayed as a warning of the fate that awaits all unrepentant heretics.

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