His Columbian Majesty’s Martian Lancers

His Columbian Majesty's Martian Lancers. 28mm sci-fi cavalry miniatures.

Now here‘s a weird war/alternate history that’s worth developing! What if the Americas achieved independence not as a league of republican English colonies, but a union of English, French, and Spanish under a Christian monarch, who later contends with the Old World powers over the frontier worlds of Mars and Venus?

That’s all I have on the idea, alas!

These are from a Kickstarter I backed before my days of 3D printing. This was so long ago I was even playing 40K at the time. Oh well, better late than never.

I initially intended these to be used in the Xiandao campaign as a special mounted unit from Conestanz, since they vaguely resemble my Strato-Hussars regiment in their headgear, but as I repainted them I decided to abandon the red and green color scheme and go with the blue and gray on black you see here, whereupon I came up with the Martian Lancers idea. I will still use them on Xiandao, of course.

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