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  • Operation Black Flag: A Weird War Scenario

    Operation Black Flag: A Weird War Scenario

    This is a Weird World War II scenario I ran at Cold Wars 2023. It was played using modified Bolt Action/Konflikt ’47 rules, but I have tried to make this article more generic so that it can be used for other systems, perhaps NUTS! Weird War, Chain of Command, CrossFire, or even Flames of War…

  • Stargrunt: King of Hastilude

    Stargrunt: King of Hastilude

    Having written before about my preference for hastilude over tournament style play, I wanted to point out a lesser known sci-fi rule set that exemplifies this style of play: Stargrunt II by Jon Tuffley. (Yes, the rules can be printed as a free PDF.) Stargrunt so eschews the tournament style that it makes it explicit…