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  • Beware the Ambull!

    Beware the Ambull!

    Shambling out of the steamy caverns of Luther McIntyre IX is the abominable Ambull. This Oldhammer classic is produced by Knightmare Miniatures, which you can watch a video about below: This is a five part pewter model (body, arms, and mandibles) that was wonderfully fast to paint with Speed Paints/Contrast Paints because of its extreme…

  • Fire and Maneuver in Oldhammer

    Fire and Maneuver in Oldhammer

    In response to my post on fire and maneuver in Bolt Action, friend, author, and toy soldier enthusiast J.P. Medved alerted me to a page from the Codex: Imperial Guard back in Warhammer 40k 2nd edition that allows Guard squads to split up just as I described. Back in those days, the boxed IG squads…