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  • The Ghosts of Chanticleer

    The Ghosts of Chanticleer

    As mentioned in the previous post, my Arqualan Mechanized Cavalry are about to run into a nasty ambush at a river crossing, at the (many, many) hands of Jeff’s Northern Federation of Miners. Since the ambush coincides with a stunningly successful surprise attack on the planet’s satellite network, my forces will be hard pressed to…

  • Escape from Silk Dragon Base

    Escape from Silk Dragon Base

    Another battle report from the intrepid Richard Rohlin and his daughter. Now that’s raising them right! I’m hoping we will get a few verses from the Litany of the Shining Eyes in the near future. Read on! “Quintus and Sextus, take the right flank. Primus, left. Secundus, with me. Clear the courtyard.” Lieutenant Nilus barked…