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  • Synthoids and Aquatic Empires

    Synthoids and Aquatic Empires

    Final Faction figures keep providing cheap inspiration for unique wargaming miniatures (see here and here). This is a Kharn Synthoid with some of its “evolution” upgrades. To get this particular model at Dollar Tree you will need to spend $2.50 at your local Dollar Tree, half for the Synthoid figure and half for its evolutionary…

  • Short Attention Span Labs

    Short Attention Span Labs

    I have Hobby AD&D…err, ADD, which is ironic considering the name and themes of my Youtube channel. Whenever I’m working on a longer project, I get distracted by something else. I’ve always done this, even in writing novels, but it’s a constant thing whenever painting miniatures or building wargames terrain. My recent discovery is that…

  • First Battle of Fire Island

    First Battle of Fire Island

    On the Night of Comets, over 90% of the satellites, stations, and ships visible form the polar regions of Xiandao were destroyed. Nothing was too small or innocuous to be spared the attention of the rebels who had taken over the planetary defense facilities, nor did they scruple over targeting civilians or even their own…