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  • West End Games Zero-G Spacetroopers

    West End Games Zero-G Spacetroopers

    I mentioned the Star Wars Miniatures Battles terrain I was working on in my last post, but I have also been readying additional 25mm reinforcements for that battle. The first finished is this six-man squad of West End Games ‘Zero G’ stormtroopers, or Spacetroopers. I’ve had two of these since I was in 8th grade,…

  • Stargrunt: King of Hastilude

    Stargrunt: King of Hastilude

    Having written before about my preference for hastilude over tournament style play, I wanted to point out a lesser known sci-fi rule set that exemplifies this style of play: Stargrunt II by Jon Tuffley. (Yes, the rules can be printed as a free PDF.) Stargrunt so eschews the tournament style that it makes it explicit…