Crystal Caverns

As anyone who reads the site regularly knows, I’m a huge 3d printer. I don’t devote a lot of time to hobbying. And I can let my printer run, while I’m working, spending time with my family, or with my God. I prefer to spend my hobby time painting miniatures. Of course the point of this article is not be a 3d printing evangelist, or to wax and wane about the priorities of being a male, a father and a husband. No, it’s about a quick simple craft.

The weather is turning beautiful here, and the kids were playing outside yesterday. I decided to take a bunch of my foam off cuts, and build some crystal terrain for your local fantasy/sci-fi setting.

These are really easy. Take some foam about 1 to 2 inches, cut some sharp bits on the top, and glue them down to some bases.

I picked up a bunch of coasters from Hobby Lobby last time I was there. I’m just going to spray them silver, and be done with them. You can of course get really fancy with them, and do some OSL, etc.

Me I’m lazy, and I wanted to paint some more 3d printed Space Marines from Ghamak. Guess what is coming next week 🙂

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