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  • Overgrown Sci-Fi Tower

    Overgrown Sci-Fi Tower

    This is a tower I intend to use for the Star Wars Miniatures Battles ‘cavern table‘ I showed previously. I don’t know what it is yet, exactly. It could be a generator, regional shield generator, holonet receiver, weather control, or a lot of other things. And that’s the beauty of building sci-fi or fantasy model…

  • West End Games Zero-G Spacetroopers

    West End Games Zero-G Spacetroopers

    I mentioned the Star Wars Miniatures Battles terrain I was working on in my last post, but I have also been readying additional 25mm reinforcements for that battle. The first finished is this six-man squad of West End Games ‘Zero G’ stormtroopers, or Spacetroopers. I’ve had two of these since I was in 8th grade,…

  • Snow Day Workbench

    Snow Day Workbench

    I was hit by a relatively mild Nor’easter yesterday that nevertheless still resulted in being without electricity for almost 9 hours. Since I could not work, I spent the day playing outside with the kids and working on some hobby stuff. Star Wars Miniatures Battles is on my mind, particularly the scenario I hope to…