Overgrown Sci-Fi Tower

A scratchbuilt futuristic tower for miniature wargaming

This is a tower I intend to use for the Star Wars Miniatures Battles ‘cavern table‘ I showed previously. I don’t know what it is yet, exactly. It could be a generator, regional shield generator, holonet receiver, weather control, or a lot of other things. And that’s the beauty of building sci-fi or fantasy model wargaming buildings out of junk.

And it is mostly junk. The main body is an oatmeal can and the top is made out of one of those KFC To-Go cups and an old Walkman. A mix of model pieces, 3D printed parts, and those baby food pouch lids make up the rest.

I started building this more than a year ago, but I made it crooked, so I tossed it in the discard pile. But then last week, inspiration seized me and I used EVA foam panels to do a lot of the panel work I had previously tried to do with card and plastic bits (and which contributed to the crookedness of the original build).

A couple of weeks ago, my gaming buddies and I started making ‘alien gass’ out of a large bag of sawdust and the most outrageous blacklight and flourescent craft paints I could find. I intend them to cover the tops of the cavern sections, but I used them here on a test run. The results are definitely mixed: the flock is much harder and clumpier than store-bought flock, so I will need to grind it down better. The colors turned out pretty nice, though, and in theory this baby should glow under a blacklight. I added some lasercut ‘alien ferns’ and ‘alien flytraps’ by Gamer Grass to the overgrowth, as well.

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