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  • More Wilderness Fort

    More Wilderness Fort

    This week I’ve been working on my fort some more. Not much to update. Though I will say, I was right. The walls are a pain to print (see last week’s entry). The longer walls all mostly made it. The short walls were trash. Someone who is a better 3d printer than me, might be…

  • ‘Starships’ by Jeff Simons and Bruce Tatman

    ‘Starships’ by Jeff Simons and Bruce Tatman

    Starships was first published back in 1983 by Antioch Publishing, I got mine at a literal 5 and Dime store back in 1988 or so. I was five years old at the time and it captured my imagination sufficiently that 30 years later I sought out a shrink-wrapped copy that still contained the included stickers…