Reclaim Halloween with these saintly trading cards for Trick or Treat

Saints vs. Monsters trading cards for Halloween

Tonight is Halloween, which, contra the perverse secularists and pseudo-pagans, is and always has been a Christian holiday in the western calendar, the eve of All Saints. Remind your neighborhood trick-or-treaters by handing out these awesome ‘Saints vs. Monsters‘ trading cards to them alongside the candy!

Series One contains six saints, including: Righteous King David vs. Goliath, St. Martha vs. the Tarrasque, St. Christopher the Dog-Headed, St. George vs. the Dragon, St. Columba vs. the Loch Ness Monster, and St. Dunstan vs. the Devil.

The zip file contains a Word Document that contains the the text of the cards, while the properly re-sized images are included separately. These are meant to print on a standard 3×5 blank index card, which fit neatly into those little Halloween candy bags. 

We also made a prayer card. Print one to accompany each saint card. I put the address for my church on it, but feel free to change it to your local church. In fact, feel free to add to the collection or change the message, add your own prayers, etc…

I think the best way to print these is to print several of each card, one saint at a time, then when that batch is done re-insert them into your printer (in the opposite direction, of course) and print the accompanying image. The prayer card can be done in the same manner.

A final thought: Not so long ago, the secular celebration of Halloween was kid-centered and wholesome. Now it’s yet another thing that immature adults and childless weirdos have ruined by making it about fornication and slutty costumes, booze and drugs, ersatz devil-worship, and a celebration of ugliness and brutality. Nevertheless, it remains one of the very few occasions that our atomized, modernist society comes together as a community to do anything for our children. Thus, the Christian claim on Halloween must be reasserted. Not one step back!

Christians do not give up our holidays. We do not surrender our temples. We seize the Enemy’s! We overturn their heathen fanes and consecrate altars! We correct their moral and theological inversions into praise and worship of the True God! Not one step back!

Christus Vincit!


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