Seaside Pirate Village – Tabletop Terrain – 28 MM

Today I bring you the first part of the Seaside Pirate village. I’ve always been a fan of the large ships with sails, men with parrots, and peg legs. Probably has to do with the Treasure Island when I was a young boy. I also was planning on picking up Blood and Plunder, which I have now acquired, so anything pirate related will get some use soon, hopefully.

This is not a paid promotion, I actually subscribed to Miniature Land twice to get this massive model. Unfortunately, I have not taken the time to print the entire thing yet. I have a feeling it will be this time next year before I undertake finishing it all.

This model was very easy to print on my Ender-3. No supports necessary. It printed like a dream. It has some nice detail, and I think it will be a breeze to paint. I would be very careful taking some of the top pieces off the plate, they are easy to snap off, as you can see if you look closely.

The only thing I would have done differently was add some supports on the roof piece, even without them, it still printed really good. If you don’t care about the underside looking rough, which I don’t, then I wouldn’t even bother with that.

A miniature on a 25mm base will not have any room to be placed inside this structure. I do think that it would have been better to scale it up some.

It will work great for your pirates to fight around, just not in.

I would not hesitate to pay $20 for the entire village.

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