Deep in the Heart of Lo-Har

Some pre-battle reconnaissance photos of what is sure to be a slobber-knocker between Weird War Two Germans and Americans as we test out my fire-and-maneuver tweaks to Bolt Action tomorrow.

Unter-Innsbruck from the south side of the canal. Note the prepared fallback positions along the road.
Unter-Innsbruck, looking west along the canal. A machine shop for the Harbenite mines is on the north side.
Unter-Innsbruck from the north, with the machine shop and the retention pond in the foreground.

The combined US/CS assault on German Pellucidar has stalled, owing to logistical problems and a dearth of air support from their Atavatabarese bases. In a mountainous part of the Lo-Har military district, the two sides stare across a few dozen miles of the impassable, Gorbus-haunted forest known as the Totenwald. Here, the mining town of Innsbruck-Under-the-Pole, with its Harbenite mines and canal terminus, is of critical strategic importance. If the Americans are to continue their advance into the German colonial heartland, this center of industry must be captured. But if the Germans and their native auxiliaries can hold out, the Americans will almost certainly be forced to withdraw to a shorter supply line before the monsoons. The question is, who will be first to make an assault?

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