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  • Synthoids and Aquatic Empires

    Synthoids and Aquatic Empires

    Final Faction figures keep providing cheap inspiration for unique wargaming miniatures (see here and here). This is a Kharn Synthoid with some of its “evolution” upgrades. To get this particular model at Dollar Tree you will need to spend $2.50 at your local Dollar Tree, half for the Synthoid figure and half for its evolutionary…

  • More on ‘Final Faction’ Bugs

    More on ‘Final Faction’ Bugs

    Inspired by my recent post, Marc Nelson Jr. writes: Took a couple legs off one of the little guys and added them to the other one, glued on an abdomen made from another Final Faction part (a Kharn weapons pack, I think) and covered it in chopped-twine flock. Painted the whole thing black, then drybrushed…



    And if you other brothers can’t deny, there’s a better option than paying ludicrous prices for the new Coomhammer! Tyranid models. In fact, in terms of price and out-of-the-box playability, they’re even a better option than 3D printing your own. If you are on my wavelength about playing with toys, then this thought probably already…