More on ‘Final Faction’ Bugs

Final Faction toy spider drone customized into a wargaming miniature for Verrotwood

Inspired by my recent post, Marc Nelson Jr. writes:

Took a couple legs off one of the little guys and added them to the other one, glued on an abdomen made from another Final Faction part (a Kharn weapons pack, I think) and covered it in chopped-twine flock.

Painted the whole thing black, then drybrushed colorshift paint over and picked out the eyes. Bam – big nasty spider!

To all that I say: Holy crap, Marc! Verily, that is a good looking monster, and the flocked ‘hair’ makes it look especially noisome. And check out that terrain! It sounds like Marc is going to use this critter in Verrotwood, which is a game I’ve been hearing more about lately.

Hopefully Marc — and you, too, dear reader — will continue to show off his custom projects. Now go play with toys!


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