Germans on the Workbench

Having run the playtest for one of the Weird World War II scenarios I’m going to run at Fall In!, I remembered I wanted to paint up a few more units that were sitting half completed. First up is this 3D printed (FDM, as you can see in the high res closeups — it doesn’t look that bad IRL, honest!) Sd. Kfz 234 Puma armored car. Specifically, this one from Thingiverse, which includes the Konflikt 47 Schwerfeld turret (which I haven’t painted and don’t intend to use, since I have one set up on my custom Tobruk).

I painted this one with the same three-color feathered camo style I used on the Pink Pantheress and the Gear Krieg Loki walker (see the shot at the top of the page), although I used a brighter green (Vallejo Intermediate Green), since it looked closer to the example in the Vallejo Colours of War book I have. I think it’s a bit too bright, but it is not as bright as it looks in some of the pictures. On the other hand, the somewhat rough texture and the deformation of the FDM print gave the vehicle a bit more of a ragged look than I hoped, especially with the decals. Next time, I will try printing it on my resin printer.

On the other hand, the ragged texture helped accentuate the weathering, which I accomplished with my usual technique (for this color of camouflage) of painting splotches of Iraqi Sand, mostly around the edges, speckled with bits of black to represent chipping and corrosion.

Overall, it is not as neat and clean as a Warlord Games or Rubicon model, but I still like it, especially with the addition of the tree branches, which are a mix of painted and flocked seafoam and craft store moss. And the price is certainly better!

This vehicle and the scenarios I’m running at the convention are predominantly intended for my homebrew weird war timeline, focusing on warfare in the Hollow Earth. I’ve talked about this theme quite a bit on the YouTube channel, but I will have to write up something more indepth for this illustrious mag.

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