Little Grun Men: Roswell 1947 Playtest

Weird World War II battle for a crashed UFO rages across the New Mexican desert

As I mentioned previously, this past Saturday we playtested one of the scenarios I’m going to run at Fall In! in November. Here are some pictures and a very quick breakdown of the event.

The UFO had crash landed a few dozen miles outside of the Roswell Army Air Force base and was cordoned off on both ends of a desert road by two groups of US Army MPs with jeeps, trucks, and machine guns. As they nervously awaiting the arrival of a ‘Blue Fly’ foreign technology recovery team, German infiltrators already hidden on the board sprung a nasty surprise that turned this simple mission into a blood bath.

The Americans would win a major victory if they could both capture the intact UFO and its crew.

The Germans would win a major victory if their crew could repair the vehicle and fly off (no earlier than Turn 4, with a test required), or if they could both rescue the crew by ground and destroy the Haunebu. A minor victory would be achieved if they destroy the UFO and prevent the crew from falling into American hands.

If split objectives (e.g. Germans blow up the UFO but Americans capture the crew), it would be a draw.

German powered armor troops advance to recapture a disabled Haunebu II flying saucer in a game of Konflikt 47
German werewolves charge a pinned American unit in a game of Konflikt '47
American powered armored units assault the crashed Haunebu II flying saucer outside of Roswell, New Mexico.
The pilots of the German UFO revealed! She-Wolf Ilsa and the Herr Kongenheimer!

Ultimately, the Germans won a minor victory, as the first American assault on the UFO killed the crew, consisting of the lovely Major Ilsa and even lovelier kriegeraffe Herr Kongenheimer, and a later German assault was able to plant the explosives and destroy the craft. It was a bloody affair, and control of the UFO changed five times!

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