The Hyperion – Sump Boat

More than wargaming, 3D printing is my favorite hobby. I love to see little toys just show up as if by magic. One of the games I’m looking at playing is A War Transformed from Osprey Publishing. In that vein, I’ve been looking for WW1 terrain looking pieces that can be used for other purposes.
Enter the The Hyperion – Sump Boat By Print Minis

This is not a paid post, or advertisement. I subscribed to Print Mini’s Tribe, and recieved this object last as a part of last month’s subscription.

The Hyperion, printed perfectly, it is designed to print on an FDM printer, and I have no issues.

Print Mini’s has also made the files presupported and available for SLA printers also.

It’s not super detailed, but it has enough raised areas, that I think it will drybrush well.
There are 3 cabin pieces to print, and various consoles, lockers and such for those. Roof pieces include ladders, chimneys, and hatches.

All in all, I give this boat 5*. It printed well, it went together well, and it’s modular enough to accomplish several different purposes.

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