I said the real Old World.

Here at Splendor of Fire, we try to stay out of the filthy gutter world of Games Workshop product frenzy…

…but it’s worth reminding those who may be experiencing pangs of excitement about something that was once good can still scratch that itch with other manufacturers. Indeed, some of whom are selling original sculpts from the days of yore.

For example, Alternative Armies is re-releasing Asgard Miniatures line of Dwarven Adventurers designed by Jes Goodwin. From their MeWe account:

Jez Goodwin’s Dwarfs! Returned to Asgard 28mm ranges originally from 1985. Thirteen different metal miniatures as singles and a saver set of all. See the full article for details. Following on the restoration of the Creatures of Chaos range (Bibby and Blanche) and Goodwin’s Barbarians too. Free Barrel of Bottles auto in shipped orders until 6th Feb 2024. Thanks.

You can order them here.

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