How does this Online Campaign Work Anyway?

Armored miniature soldiers move across a battle scarred landscape.

Well, it’s simple. First, lets talk about what doesn’t matter:

  1. The Miniatures: You can use whatever miniatures you like to fill out your armies. Primarily the battle is human vs. human, but there’s no reason that alien mercenaries or opportunistic invaders can’t show up to take advantage of the situation. The setting is vaguely Warhammer-ish, but it’s not Warhammer in particular, so whatever aesthetic works for you works for us.
  2. The Scale: 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 28mm, 28mm heroic (ugh)…whatever you want! Obviously the scale of your miniatures will dictate the magnitude of your engagement, which we will factor in later, but there’s no restriction on what kind of battles you can fight.
  3. The Rules: Use whatever game rules you like, even completely homebrew ones. A win is a win and a loss is a loss in any language.

Next, let’s cover who you’ll be fighting. Rather than set up online engagements or a lot of complicated play-by-mail protocols, you’ll just fight your usual opponents in your own home, at the clubhouse, or the local game store. The objectives and terrain of the battle will be dictated by where your armies meet on the hex map. Aside from the cities and terrain listed on the map, it’s up to your game group to agree on what interesting people and things are happening there.

After the battle is decided, you’ll shoot me a DM on Guilded, telling me a rough outline of forces involved, what the objectives were, and the final outcome. I will take your information and that of every other participant into account when I update the strategic situation a couple times a week. I aim to update once on Wednesday and once on Saturday. Because I’m the Game Master, expect me to do Game Masterly things, like introduce further complications for all sides, such as mutinies, disease outbreaks, blizzards, riots, and so forth.

To narrow the focus, each game group will select one or more Areas of Responsibility. These correspond to a Theater (24 mile hexes) or Regional (6 mile hexes) level map. These will be centered around whatever Treaty Ports a Colonial faction has under his control, or the beachhead of an alien invader. The players in charge of the Xiandao native rebel forces will be operating in that area.

Finally, the defense of the colonial embassies in the Legation Quarter in the capital city of Harablest will be a united effort of some more complexity, but this will be covered later after everyone is used to the basic campaign play.

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