Xiandao Attica – SitRep

A regional hex map of the Attica region of planet Xiandao's polar expanses.

Our valiant membership has already kicked off the campaign! Here I post the first claimed Area of Responsibility with details of the situation on the ground on behalf of Cornish Crusade!

In the SE of Xiandao’s main continent (region name: Xiandao Attica), separated from the Polar Heights by the volcanic ridge of the Naga Mountains, lies the treaty port of Waiataroa, the port of the Mauiri Covenant – the Voyager Empire.

Dominating the seaways between Xiandao Attica and the Southern Continent, the Mauiri Covenant has been put in quite the predicament by the rebellion. The Concordance barbarians and their postmodern stooges threaten not only the Mauiri Ambassadors and their families in the Legation, but also the invaluable raw materials churned up by the volcanoes of the Naga Mountains, and the precious passes through the mountain range to the rest of the mainland which cannot always be reached by sea.

Furthermore, the Naganbatang River Basin Eucharismatic Mission (the NRB Mission – a Christian missionary compound including a school and a hospital) lies under siege from the hill tribes and their allies pouring south from the mountain hold of Naganbatang. Lastly, the native city of Maarong, site of the crucial orbital defence installations necessary for the rebels’ success, has fallen into the hands of fifth columnists and allies of the hillmen, including turncoat elements of the Xiandao Attica Fencibles.

The limited forces of Mauiri based at Waiataroa – being little more than a retinue of the Voyager Knightly Order (the Steel Tyrants), a few companies of Covenant Waitaua (Regular Army), and the largely ceremonial Waiataroa City Guard – must seize the orbital defences at Maarong to allow for heavy armour elements to be deployed planetside, in order to break the gates of Naganbatang. However, the NRB Mission will not hold out for long, and if Covenant forces are slow to reach them, the ministers, sisters, patients and children of the Mission will be at the brutal mercies of the hillmen!

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