Fresh off the assembly line

Painted 28mm medieval archers, manufactured by Conquest Games.

My output lately has been respectable, but very random. Today I finished six of these Conquest Games medieval archers that I bought for a very good price at Fall In! These are a hardplastic multipart kit. There were no instructions in the box, but all of the arms seem to be interchangeable with every body, which is a relief.

Here’s another look at my alternate history WW1 Confederates for ‘A War Transformed.’ Watch the video see my recipe for making these.

WW1 Confederate CSA army infantry

I also finally finished some giant fantasy monsters. The first are a pack of Fenrisian Wolves from GW that I’ve had sitting around for years. The second are Giant Spiders from Wargames Atlantic:

And here’s this Crab Tank from StationForge I printed. I have a particular idea about how to paint it but I’m not quite ready to tackle it tonight.

28mm Scavenger Crab Tank by StationForge, 3D printed
28mm Scavenger Crab Tank by StationForge. 3D printed

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  1. Those are some nice models. Looking good. I too have Hobby ADHD. I am so scattershot in what I’m painting from week to week.

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