Heroquest Monsters

Painted Heroquest orcs, goblins, and mummies

My son has been playing Heroquest quite a bit over the last couple days, so I decided it was time to do paint some of those miniatures as one of his Christmas presents.

I was inspired by RushTheWash’s technique, though I did not use the exact same colors. That’s right, these were painted almost entirely by washes, with the exception of the metallics.

To say that I’m pleased by the results would be an understatement. The miniatures look so good I can’t let them be restricted to just the occasional game of HQ. They will augment the chaotic beastman army that I’ve been battling in Dragon Rampant, but more on that soon.

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  1. Hey, I love that guy! Before Contrast paints came out, I used his technique on all my minis.

    Your dudes look great! Which washes did you use?

    • Sorry for being so long in replying! I tried as near as possible to use the ones he mentioned in the video, but when I didn’t have one (in particular, he used a green glaze that is no longer made) I substituted them with what I had. I think I subbed Biel-Tan Green for Wildwatcher Green. I also used very thinned down Army Painter Speed Paints for some of them, but I no longer remember which.

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