Poacher’s Grogs

Several years ago now, my friend Jeff started DM’ing a D&D 5E (I know, I know! But hear me out…) campaign based on the Chain of Acheron campaign. We created our own characters, but Jeff kept the broad outline of the initial setting. It was quite ambitious and hopefully we’ll pick it up again, but at any rate some very memorable stories emerged from it.

My character, an exiled Paladin once named Mykael Telvector and now called Poacher in his disgrace, is the commander of the Chain. My wife played a half-elf bard named Clef, who was the Chain’s chronicler. I designed and printed models of them using HeroForge, and some of you have seen them already. But yesterday I finally completed a six-man (or five man and one woman) unit of henchmen to accompany them in games of Frostgrave or Dragon Rampant (where they represent Offensive Elite Foot). I affectionately call them Grogs in homage to Ars Magica.

Here’s one with just the grogs:

The grogs are all made out of the Frostgrave Knights set, with the exception of the lady with the spear and lantern who comes from the Frostgrave female warriors set. Much like the Heroquest monsters, they were painted with layers of wash and Speedpaints, topped off with an oil wash and solid highlights. I still have to add snow to the base, but that will wait until the weekend.

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