Wilderness Fort (Silver Bayonet Canada)

Welcome to my semi-weekly what I’ve been printing/review. Hey, look it’s a fort. I wonder why??? Oh, I know. Because the Silver Bayonet Canada (SBC) just came out. And I’ve always been a fan of the wild west, and pirates. And the early American period.

This piece is called Small Wooden Fort – Tabletop Terrain – 28 MM from MiniatureLand. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite vendors for interesting terrain. The terrain prints very nicely, without supports. They have a variety of themes, so I can always find something close to what I’m looking for.

On to the review. There are many, many more pieces to print on this thing before I’m done, but if you wanted to play SBC, this is one of the pieces I think you will need.

The detail looks great. I think it will paint nicely. Overall it about 15 inches from Tower to tower with a long wall piece in between. The towers are 4 inches square, and the long walls are 7 inches long. I think the fort in SBC should be about 16 inches square, so it might a little small, if you care about such things. I really should have printed the short walls, to see how long they were. Oh well, there is only so much time. And each of these tower bases are taking about 18 hours to print, while the walls are about 8 hours apiece.

I still have two more layers for the watch towers to print, a gate tower in several pieces, small walls, and a nice building for the center.
Maybe, I’ll have some of those printed out next week.

I only have one small complaint. The wall sections are 2 pieces, but they are one file. I think this has the potential to frustrate someone who is new to 3d printing. They printed fine by me, but you should absolutely print with a raft, or use blue painters tape to make sure those things stick, or you will have a pile of spaghetti on your printer. Or you can split the files in Meshmixer and print them separate.

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