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  • Lizzid Peeple Hilux

    Lizzid Peeple Hilux

    The fallen stars teem with saurian peoples, and wherever humanity has encountered the variegated reptilian species, there has been war. The cold-blooded Reticulans who once preyed on ancient Terrans were the first to be hunted to extinction, but not the last. But fore every stinking, sweltering broodworld scoured, the Serpent arises on two more, forever…

  • Human Space: The Dwarrow of Barbamenge

    Human Space: The Dwarrow of Barbamenge

    It was two and a half thousand years after the Harrowing of Reticuli when the armies of Sidereal Christianity first raised their swords against the Great Cyclops of Clyss and broke his ice-bound tyranny over Barbamenge. The miserable dwarven slaves whose ancestors, perhaps, like the Thongorim, once hailed from Earth, received the Gospel with great…

  • Choosing a Color Palette: Easymode

    Choosing a Color Palette: Easymode

    When it comes to converting the Gray Tide (or White or Black Tide, depending on your choice of primer), my biggest obstacle is figuring out how I should paint the miniature. Except for certain historical miniatures, I have avoided painting ‘box standard’ color schemes for years. I suppose there’s nothing actually wrong with following the…