Lizzid Peeple Hilux

Sci-fi technical gun truck with lizardmen

The fallen stars teem with saurian peoples, and wherever humanity has encountered the variegated reptilian species, there has been war. The cold-blooded Reticulans who once preyed on ancient Terrans were the first to be hunted to extinction, but not the last. But fore every stinking, sweltering broodworld scoured, the Serpent arises on two more, forever striking at humanity’s heel, as it fails to crush their head.

Saurians have lived on Xiandao long ere humans set foot on the world. It was once an outpost of the It’lix-Yoth civilization, and the memory of the cruel snakemen is remembered in myriad place names such as the Naga Mountains. The Pleiadean Draconids pictured here in their converted 4×4 technical, however, are a much more recent arrival. In centuries past, large numbers of lizard men were imported to work as slaves, gladiators, and even enforcers by local magnates before the Xia were forced to issue a planetwide extermination order following the Razan Slave Uprising. The Draconids proved notoriously difficult to eradicate, however, and current estimates of the native lizardman population, based on the frequency of frontier encounters, range anywhere from 10,000 to 250,000 in the polar region alone.

The Pleiadean Draconids, though primitive and poor at sustaining their own civilization, are remarkably resourceful at parasitizing other technical societies. They have a special affinity for rugged, easy to repair vehicles like this petrol-fueled, internal combustion engine-powered Hyades-Luxor Samson utility truck. They have made several modifications to it, most obviously the jury-rigged autocannon (of probable Arqi manufacture) and gunshield. Inside the cabin, they would have removed the seat backs to make room for their tails.

OK, I really like how this one turned out. The truck is a 3D print from Tabletop Terrain. If you don’t like this one, they have quite a few varieties to choose from. The gun is detachable (see below) and magnetized, made up of a 3D printed 28mm German flak gun shield combined with a 40k Cadian autocannon form a Heavy Weapon team. The gun crew are more of the excellent Lizardmen from Wargames Atlantic.

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    • Thanks! That’s usually not the way I paint windshields, but I was really taken by the sample painting. In my imagination, they are specially treated panels to protect against lasers and nuke flash.

  1. Looks great! Did you print this in resin or FDM? I’ve heard his files can be tough for resin since they were designed to be FDM printed.

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