Attack of the Devil’s Lettuce

Large plant monster in 28mm scale. 'The Weed' by Crooked Dice Miniatures

I have had this plant monster from Crooked Dice Miniatures for quite a while. It was even mostly painted, but though I was happy with the color blends I got using Army Painter Speed Paints, I was unhappy with the depth of shadow. Unfortunately, I neglected to clean off the oil wash in time and so it was too dark. Sufficiently discouraged by the loss of time and effort, I laid it aside while I considered how to finish it up. Although it made an appearance in several games of Dragon Rampant, I was too daunted to pick it up again.

But last week I got the Army Painter Fanatic Mega Set and I thought this would be a good model to try them out on. My goal was to correct and brighten it up several notches without laboring through many recoats. I’ll let you be the judge of the results.

As you can see, it’s quite large, towering over even heavy cavalry.

I really like this miniature. It’s obviously inspired by such comic book monstrosities as The Heap, Man-Thing, and Swamp Thing, and probably also Tendril from The Inhumanoids. If you used him on a 15mm battlefield instead of 28, he could easily stand in for the latter. And that’s the other great thing about it: I can use it in almost any setting, from medieval fantasy to Silver Bayonet to Konflikt ’47 to 40k.

As for Crooked Dice miniatures, I really recommend you check them out. They have such a huge variety of awesome minis in a range of genres. Let me know what other minis of theirs you’re partial to, or if you recommend the 7TV game.

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