Wargaming Inspiration

I’ve been reading a book called The Last Indian War. While I don’t recommend it for it’s horrible betrayal of Christianity, and I don’t recommend it for the stellar writing. It’s actually not a very good book at all.

I’ve also been reading Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Issue #27, which is all about wargaming Raids. Taken together the book and the magazine have started some ideas in my head.

The Nez Perces War, especially the beginning is full of potential for some great raids. I won’t go through all the ideas in my head. I’ll probably write some up, and share them in the future. You can get inspiration from many, many places.

You can take the ideas from the magazines, with some of the actual account of the battles in the book, and make some really fun, and interesting scenarios for wargaming.

In the early period of the war, you have the Nez Perces attacking the settlers in small groups, and stealing horses, supplies, ammo, and generally just destroying things. Later in the war, you have the opportunity to field some large units in actual battle.

I’ve always felt constrained by the newest supplement, or book whether it was for DnD, Warhammer, or whatever game I happen to be playing next. Take the rules you like, take some examples from various places, and play them out.

You could take any Starfinder adventure, print some minis, and use the Stargrave rules to play the individual encounters, tie them all together into a little campaign, and have some fun.

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